Обложка книги Songs Of Time And Season

Songs Of Time And Season

ISBN: 1411605969;
Издательство: Lulu Press
Страниц: 72

Songs of Time and Season is a newly published collection of poetry by Andrew Stephen Damick, an Orthodox Christian and lover of English literature. In it, he attempts to come to grips with many of the central themes of life in Christ -- what it means to love truly, the inner meaning of repentance, communion with the Divine, the great feasts of the Orthodox Church, holy places, and other central themes of sojourn in this earthly life. It features prominently his epithalamion Tradition's Time, a 12-stanza 365-line poem written for his own wedding which is arranged around the Church calendar. He invites you to come and savor with him the traditional forms of English poetry with a fresh dip into eternal waters.

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