Обложка книги Story Hour : Contemporary American Narrative Poems

Story Hour : Contemporary American Narrative Poems

ISBN: 1586540351;
Издательство: Story Line Press
Страниц: 325

Book Description Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Story Line Press (synonymous with the resurgence of narrative in poetry) is proud to publish this definitive anthology. Beginning with Robert Penn Warren's Audubon: A Vision , and ElizabethBishop's The Riverman, Story Hour features outstanding poems by 67 contemporary poets. Twenty-five years ago, it was almost impossible to find in literary magazines and book collections poems that told stories. Most poems were short lyrics or confessional meditations that ran no more than a page or two. Since then, the return of storytelling opened up more possibilities for a new generation of poetry. New readers were attracted to poems that transcended the Self and offered memorable stories. The poems span more than 50 years and include the poets who have written significant narrative, restoring it to a central position in the canon. Contributors include: Robert Penn Warren, Elizabeth Bishop, Gwendolyn Brooks,...

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