Обложка книги The Boat Rocker : A Poetry of Life

The Boat Rocker : A Poetry of Life

ISBN: 0595339700;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 108

Book Description The Boat Rocker is a poetry of life that both presents a philosophy of life and describes an art of living that has been learned the hard way--by actually living a life; by having tasted all the joys life offers and having sufferedmany of the tragedies and pains life inevitably brings as well. While The Boat Rocker will not help a person to avoid all tragedy and pain--those are a part of every life--it will help everyone who takes it's message to heart to avoid some needless suffering and to get through whatever vale of tears is encountered through a simple act of faith, for fidelity is everything in life--fidelity to self, fidelity to our loved ones, fidelity to our purpose in life, and fidelity to God. These are essential for a well-lived, rewarding life. But love is the heart and soul of faith, and faith is but love made real.

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