Обложка книги The Elders Are Watching

The Elders Are Watching

ISBN: 1551926415;
Издательство: Raincoast Books
Страниц: 54

Book DescriptionWhen the award-winning poet David Bouchard first saw the artwork of First Nations artist Roy Henry Vickers, he was struck by Vickers's reverence for nature and the vibrancy of his colors. He saw in Vickers's images the perfect complement to his own lyrical, thoughtful poetry. Combining their artistry, The Elders Are Watching is a plea to respect the natural treasures of the environment and a message of concern from aboriginal leaders of the past. In this new edition, their vision is as fresh and relevant today as it was when the book was first published, and has both a timelessness and urgency that must be heard by the people of the new millennium.

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