Обложка книги The Tiniest Seed : Poems for Reflection Vol. 1

The Tiniest Seed : Poems for Reflection Vol. 1

ISBN: 1413753752;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 60

Book DescriptionThis collection of poetry was written between 1987 and 2004; however, it serves as a personal memoir of my own life. The story-tale fashion of each poem represents a deep impression upon my heart and soul, whether created by the influences of an individual or a reflection of an incident by which I was branded. This collection of poetry was titled as such, because with every event in our lives, and with each contact we experience with another person, there is an effect upon each of us, whereby we are changed. Therefore, when I come into contact with anyone, I conscientiously consider what influence I will have upon them. For, I realize now, just how powerful we can affect the lives of those around us, so I do my best to give away to all whom I meet-The Tiniest Seed.

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