Обложка книги The Tyranny of Heaven: Milton's Rejection of God As King

The Tyranny of Heaven: Milton's Rejection of God As King

ISBN: 0874138590;
Издательство: University of Delaware Press
Страниц: 208

Book DescriptionThe God portrayed in Paradise Lost is neither "good" nor "God." Milton uses this portrayal, not to suggest that his character represents God, but to argue strongly that it does not. Milton?s project in Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained is to defend God by taking him down from a kingly throne. In pursuit of this argument, Michael Bryson charts a new path in the study of Milton?s prose and poetry, bridging the gap between the so-called "Neo-Christian" critics (C.S. Lewis, Stanley Fish, and others) and the "Romantic" or "Satanist" critics (Blake, Shelley, Empson, etc.), by reading Milton as engaged in a complex theodicy that rejects kingship as a proper way of imagining the divine. This interdisciplinary work argues for continuity of purpose and outlook in Milton?s antimonarchical prose and his epic poetry, working with the intersections between his theology, politics, and poetics. The Father of Paradise Lost, imagined as a king, is not the model of...

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