Обложка книги To Sing You Must Exhale

To Sing You Must Exhale

ISBN: 1411613651;
Издательство: Lulu Press
Страниц: 116

Book DescriptionBishop Joseph Perry (Chicago) says of this poetry: "Kathryn betrays her mystical gifts to reach conversation with God and his saints in ways every heart aspires. From the deep recesses of prayer comes her verse reaching for Heaven!" This volume, beautifully illustrated by Victor KyNam, a seminarian from Vietnam, wraps timeless truth in a post-modern voice that pulls you in - penetrating and on the edge. "Only a few poets have been Catholic. Deeply Catholic. 24/7 Catholic. And so we come to Kathryn Mulderink, a Catholic poet of extraordinary gifts... These poems mirror our pilgrim journey to the Cross. We begin from Hearts of Stone. Along the way we begin to reach out, Leaping with the Heart. As we approach the living Christ we sense the Beating Heart of God" (from Marty Barrack's Foreword). Stephen Hand says they portray "a depth, insight and knowledge that is increasingly rare." Carol O'Reilly says, "Awesome! This lady blesses the environment around her, weaving...

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