Обложка книги A Taste of the Sun

A Taste of the Sun

ISBN: 1413772838;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 82

Book Description The poetry in A Taste of the Sun unearths the small pieces of gold within the stones of our common experiences. The author invites the reader to see the everyday through a different set of lenses. The colors are heightened but never sentimentalized. A soul is exposed but not exploited. The poetry is simple, yet profound, a mix of humorous and sad, but always immediately accessible. Word pictures, like watercolor paintings, recreate the face of a grandmother, the death of Johnny Unitas, the frazzled elementary principal in a school play, and frame the absurdities of life in America today. He sees the pieces of gold often hidden beneath the soiland unearths them. Not unlike the paintings of Andrew Wyeth, John Hutchinson's portraits of people and places are unadorned, seemingly uncomplicated, but linger in the heart and even encircle the soul. An "Ah-Ha" experience awaits the reader in every poem.

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