Обложка книги Half Hope/Half Sorrow

Half Hope/Half Sorrow

ISBN: 1413792499;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 57

Book Description Mike?s writing style is simple, yet powerful. Each poem has a personal meaning or feeling that everyone can relate to. These poems talk about everyday occurrences, as he reveals broken relationships, loss of loved ones, and life in general. These poems aren?t just for a certain age group. The younger generation can relate to poems about growing up and finding their first love; the older generation can relate to poems about nature or loss, or maybe vice versa. Through poems about the happiest times in life and the saddest ones, losing someone very close to you or finding that special someone, you will see, in these poems, the world and the people in it through the eyes of a young man. These poems are for anyone to read and takea glimpse into the life of the poet. You may just find yourself in some of these poems.

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