Обложка книги Hapless Intent

Hapless Intent

ISBN: 1413786618;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 61

Book Description Hapless Intent is a pathetic and sometimes cathartic string of pieces devoted to life?s mishaps and wonders. Told through a collection of poems and essays, Rj McGuire offers an emotional release from everyday life. Not particularly happy or stunning, the pieces lean on one another, supported by strong words and immersed in a selfish pride. The ego of the Creator overshadows each work in an attempt to validate the emotions that have surfaced. Hapless Intent presents itself not as a story but as time passed. A juvenile work largely hoping to free itself from the misery of its own existence, it screams beneath your skin and surfaces as painful memories often can, to deal not through healing but harsh exposure. Hapless Intent holds up, but not without trying to fall down.

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