Обложка книги I Hear Gaea's Tears

I Hear Gaea's Tears

ISBN: 1413762689;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 57

Book DescriptionThis collection of environmental writings is dedicated to spreading the word about the fight for Gaea, or Mother Earth. It is a way to open discussion and hopefully a few eyes about the plight of all creatures who dwell upon this planet, along with the Spirit of Mother Earth as well. The words contained here are meant to express the need for all champions of Mother Earth to step forward and begin the healing process so needed within our time period today. The future generations of tomorrow are counting on us to remember the Old Ones and their pledge to keep our planet from decay. The spark of interest must be ignited not only within each heart but within each mind as well, for if but one will take a stand, then there will always be a hopefor a better tomorrow. To light the flame, I invite you to read this book and see if, at the end, you will also hear Gaea's tears.

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