Обложка книги Jon Anderson Inspired Poetry : Leap Into The Inconceivable

Jon Anderson Inspired Poetry : Leap Into The Inconceivable

ISBN: 1424101131;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 119

Book Description I present in this book, in rhyme, a world that learns along with the reader to believe in the process of Life. Whether in mystic times, present or distant futures, Love, as life expressed in its highest form, is everything while experiencing the human condition. We have to forgive and share, accept and embrace, love and be loved if we want to make a better future for ourselves. Since the mystery of life was something that fascinated me, a lot of the verses refer to this search and hope to offer a glimpse of some universal truths. I believe we are at the point of reaching a better understanding of ourselves and our reality slowly moving into other dimensions. I invite you to go on the journey that I went when writing these poems, knowing that if they will capture your attention just for a moment I have accomplished my purpose of making them available to you.

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