Обложка книги My Jerusalem: Essays, Reminiscences, and Poems

My Jerusalem: Essays, Reminiscences, and Poems

ISBN: 1566565499;
Издательство: Olive Branch Press
Страниц: 340

Book DescriptionHere is a passionate and eclectic collection of essays, poems, and scholarship that brings to life Jerusalem, that most enigmatic and compelling of cities, in its embattled, contemporary guise as well as in its ancient history. The book begins in the immediacy of today's Jerusalem?with its dispossessions and laws, its bloody conflicts and massive skyscrapers?and moves backward in time to Classical Jerusalem, working to disentangle the knots of the three great monotheistic religions, and finally comes to rest in a section that is a testament to the physical facts of Jerusalem: its monuments and alleys, its smells, its music, its people.

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