Обложка книги Nude Thoughts

Nude Thoughts

ISBN: 1413781705;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 189

Book Description Nude Thoughts is a provocative collection of my deepest thoughts and emotions that I've brought to you through poetry. Written over a decade, this book chronicles my feelings from childhood through adolescence and toward womanhood in a jigsaw puzzle of poems. I bare my feelings about drug addiction, depression, madness, confusion, love, heartbreak, loneliness, hate, domestic violence, forgiveness, sex, acceptance, friendship, betrayal, vengeance, guilt, death, and remembrance. Like beingstripped nude, I expose my experiences, fantasies, hopes, fears and random thoughts. Though morbid in its mood, Nude Thoughts offers solace to those who wish to see the rainbow that the sky painted as I wrote about the storm. Each poem is a story with anopen window, and the panes are the skeletons of the world. I want you to find your own meaning of my words-I want you to fill those bones with nude flesh.

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