Обложка книги Peruvian Poems--and other Poems : Poemas Peruanos

Peruvian Poems--and other Poems : Poemas Peruanos

ISBN: 059536943X;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 126

Book Description Peruvian Poems, stream of consciousness, styles, are very easy to understand. Deliberately put into its present order; it has three sections; 28-poems; both in English and Spanish. Peruvian Poems, is an overpowering and deeply moving book of Poetry. It is considered Siluk?s most important and remarkable literary work; much of it dealing with Peruvian traditions. Throughout the book, Peruvian Poems, Siluk emits the feeling that he loves these poems and truly enjoys what he is doing. Pure of heart these are rare commodities in a poetic world. Over 50,000-people annually go to see Mr. Siluk?s travels on his website. He writes to an audience of some six-million people on the internet; and his Spanish-speaking audience alone could perchance exceed that amount. His writings (150-short stories; 31-books; 450-articles; 850-poems) can be seen on dozens of websites; magazines, books and newspapers. He has a worldwide audience. His...

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