Обложка книги Real Karaoke People (Many Voices Project)

Real Karaoke People (Many Voices Project)

ISBN: 0898232260;
Издательство: New Rivers Press
Страниц: 96

Book Description A dramatic debut, Real Karaoke People juxtaposes tradition and pop culture to bridge generations and continents in a way both heart-rending and real. Poems and prose engage readers with vivid and emotional portrayals of immigrant life and scrutinize conceptions of race, class, and ethnicity. Through everything from frank confession to lyric verse, this collection offers an open yet often highly individual account of contemporary America and the aftermath of assimilation.At once nostalgic and critical, Real Karaoke People offers a gritty, honest, and compelling worldview. Ed Bok Lee is an award-winning spoken word artist, author, playwright, and teacher. He attended kindergarten in Seoul, grew up in North Dakota and Minnesota, and has since lived in a half-dozen cities around the world.

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