Обложка книги River Falls : selected works

River Falls : selected works

ISBN: 0595366171;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 163

Book Description A Gift We Craft Love is a mist, miasmic Fair fog of foul phantasms perfumed Desire?s devious Djinn And our wildest wishes its gem Love is an unguent unsure A blessed balm of yearning?s yen Hope?s healer; a goddess good and strong Like Nature?s force, fickle, uncertain Love is a skill, shared A craft kenned in co-creator?s kiln Built of blood-tides and dreams, but Love is only as strong as we River Falls is a collection of poems that weaves through the days of a man in love. Poignant perspective, captivated adoration, and spiritual reconnaissance are reflected in author Stacey J. Enslow?s meaningful words. Sometimes ecstatic, sometimes wry, these tender works touch upon the phases of love and longing of union with the Divine, which is sought in every human experience we manifest. With titles such as ?A Gift We Craft,?...

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