Обложка книги The Illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy

The Illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy

ISBN: 1903973597;
Издательство: Royal Academy Books
Страниц: 284

Book DescriptionDante's Divine Comedy, one of the masterworks of European literature, has inspired artists from Botticelli to William Blake, and from Gustave Dore to Robert Rauschenberg and Tom Phillips. The great English Neoclassical sculptor John Flaxman (1755-1826) is no exception. Flaxman's drawings for the Divine Comedy are published for the first time in this handsome volume. Famous for his designs for Wedgwood, Flaxman illustrated all 99 cantos of Dante's poem. The book includes the complete series of drawings, together with the preparatory studies accompanied by rhymes composed by Flaxman himself. A critical commentary on each drawing completes this magnificent book, an important addition to Dante studies and Flaxman scholarship. AUTHOR BIO: David Bindman is professor of history of art at University College, London. Carlo Ossola is professor of literature at the College of France. Francesca Salvadori is a historian who has worked extensively on Flaxman's...

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