Обложка книги The Poetry Killer

The Poetry Killer

ISBN: 1413785611;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 198

Book Description Always leaving behind a near-perfect crime scene, a ruthless killer taunts Fairfax County, Virginia, police homicide detectives by leaving a brief, nonsensical poem with each victim explaining why they were chosen. Enjoy an inside glimpse of the personal and professional lives of Lieutenant Nancy Gremillion and her inept, grumbling partner, Detective Bill Lyntrotski, as they endeavor to rid the quiet suburban streets of northern Virginia of a sadistic killer. With the aid of handsome Native American FBI agent Paul Proudwolf and obnoxious ace newspaper reporter Leo Clancy, they follow numerous twisting trails in their attempt to stop a well-trained killing machine on the rampage.

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