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Kate Fox

The Racing Tribe: Portrait Of A British Subculture

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ISBN: 0765808382
Издательство: Transaction Publishers
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 223
It is generally assumed that anthropologists do their research in remote and uncomfortable parts of the world--places with monsoons, mud huts, and malaria. In this volume, social anthropologist Kate Fox has taken on an altogether more enjoyable assignment, the study of the arcane world of British horseracing. For Fox, field research meant wandering around racetracks in a pink hat and high heels (standard tribal costume) rather than braving killer insects and primitive sanitation. Instead of an amorphous racing crowd. the author finds a complete subculture with its own distinctive customs, rituals, language and etiquette. Among the spectators, she identifies Horseys, Addicts, Anoraks, Pair-Bonders, Day-Outers, Suits, and Be-Seens-all united by remarkable friendliness and courtesy, Among the racing professionals, the tribal structure includes Warriors (jockeys), Shamans (trainers). Scribes (Journalists). Elders (officials and stewards) and Sin-Eaters (bookies). Fox includes witty and...