Обложка книги The Shout : Selected Poems

The Shout : Selected Poems

ISBN: 0151011184;
Издательство: Harcourt
Страниц: 128

Book Description Simon Armitage is one of Britain's most respected poets. He is considered Philip Larkin's successor in both the easy brilliance of his verse and the national acclaim he has received. His subjects have ranged from yardwork to politics, from the fidelity of dogs to the negotiations of lovers. A selection of poetry that is wry, unpretentious, and constantly inventive, The Shout collects Armitage's best work from the past three decades and includes many of his most recent poems. Man with a Golf Ball Heart They set about him with a knife and fork, I heard, and spooned it out. Dunlop, dimpled, perfectly hard. It bounced on stone but not on softer ground-they made a note of that. They slit the skin-a leathery, rubbery, eyelid thing-and further in, three miles of gut or string, elastic. Inside that, a pouch or sac of pearl-white balm or gloss, like Copydex. It weighed in at the low end of the litmus test but wouldn't burn,...

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