Обложка книги Transatlantic Connections : Whitman U.S., Whitman U.K. (Iowa Whitman Series)

Transatlantic Connections : Whitman U.S., Whitman U.K. (Iowa Whitman Series)

ISBN: 0877459258;
Издательство: University Of Iowa Press
Страниц: 312

Book Description In this series of textual readings and cultural comparisons, M. Wynn Thomas explores Whitman's amazing ability to appeal across distances and centuries. The book's contrasting sections reflect the two locations studied: the first shows Whitman in his time and place, while the second repositions him within the cultures of England and Wales from the late 19th to the late 20th century. In the opening chapter he is placed against the vivid, outrageous background of the New York of his time; the second finds evidence in his poetry of a critique of the new urban politics of the emerging city boss; the third radically redefines Whitman's relationship to his famous contemporary Longfellow. Other chapters deal with the Civil War poet, exploring the ways in which his poetic responses were in part shaped by his relationship to his soldier brother George, and his use of the meteorological discoveries of his day to fashion metaphors for imaging the different phases of the...