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Laura Tohe

Tseyi/deep in the Rock: Reflections on Canyon De Chelly (Sun Tracks)

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ISBN: 0816523711
Издательство: University of Arizona Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 49
Book DescriptionTo visitors it is Canyon de Chelly, a scenic wonder of the Southwest whose vistas reward travelers willing to venture off the beaten track. But to the Dine, it is Tseyi', ""the place deep in the rock,"" a site that many have long called home. Now from deep in the heart of the Dine homeland comes an extraordinary book, a sensitive merging of words and images that reflects the sublime spirit of Canyon de Chelly. Dine poet Laura Tohe draws deeply on her heritage to createlyrical writings that are rooted in the canyon but universal in spirit, while photographer Stephen Strom captures images that reveal the very soul of this ancient place. Tohe?s words take readers on a journey from the canyon rim down sheer sandstonewalls to its rich bottomlands; from the memory of Kit Carson?s rifle shots and the forced march of the Navajo people to the longings of modern lovers. Her poems view the land through Dine eyes, blending history, tradition, and...
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