Обложка книги Upper Level Disturbance

Upper Level Disturbance

ISBN: 1413780334;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 89

Book Description Many times the troubles that constitute disturbances in the mind seem to collaborate with the outside world. It?s almost as if they teamed up to challenge the psyche and push it to its limits. It appears the world and the minds in it went into the black for a lengthy stay. This book is about the connection between personal conflicts and conflicts that span the entire human race?and the entire world?that somehow always seem to combine themselves as one. It is about a struggle to find answers and move forward with some kind of optimism when there isn?t much to speak of. It is also about the love felt throughout this process, which provides hope, compassion, understanding and the knowledge that whenever there is darkness, light will always follow.

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