Обложка книги Eugene Onegin (Dedalus European Classics S.)

Eugene Onegin (Dedalus European Classics S.)

ISBN: 1903517281;
Издательство: Dedalus, Ltd
Страниц: 256

Eugene Onegin is an eight-chapter novel in sonnets of Pushkin's own devising, in iambic tetrameter, which he uses to modulate, Mozartlike, between deep profundity and twinkling humour, from exquisite lyrical descriptions of nature to devastating satire, all within a twinkling of the proverbial eye. The story and plot are simple, not unlike those of Pride and Prejudice, but with an open ending. Tom Beck's new translation of Eugene Onegin captures the endless variety, sparkle and vivacity of this unique novel in verse. Poetic quality, rather than slavish fidelity to the original, has been the guiding principle in this acclaimed translation.

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