Обложка книги Blood on Their Hands

Blood on Their Hands

ISBN: 0425190358;
Издательство: Berkley Hardcover; 1st edition
Страниц: 352

What could drive you over the edge? Maybe if you or someone you love had been victimized? Or if your spouse was having an affair? Or your life just wasn't turning out the way you always dreamed it would? You want justice. You want to make things right. But you're out of luck. You have to live with it. There just aren't any options. Or are there? In this Mystery Writers of America anthology, New York Times bestselling author Lawrence Block has collected nineteen suspense stories exploring such scenarios, by some of mystery's most popular authors... Brendan DuBois ? Noreen Ayres ? Shelly Costa ? Tom Savage ? Tracy Knight ? Aileen Schumacher ? Elaine Viets ? G. Miki Hayden ? Elaine Togneri ? Henry Sleasar ? William E. Chambers ? Stefanie Matteson ? Charlotte Hinger ? Dan Crawford ? Rhys Bowen ? Mat Coward ? Marcia Talley ? Elizabeth Foxwell ?...

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