Обложка книги Christmas Stories from Louisiana

Christmas Stories from Louisiana

ISBN: 1578065887;
Издательство: University Press of Mississippi
Страниц: 164

Book DescriptionNo others celebrate the season quite like the Cajuns, the Creoles, and the sundry peoples who populate the Bayou State. Louisiana Christmas is a festive fais do do, whether a buoyant communal celebration around a bonfire on a riverbank ora quiet reverie before a warm fireplace. Snowflakes serve only as trimming in these stories about the basic themes of Christmastime?the expectant birth of a special baby, a family homecoming, and the exchanging of gifts. In these sixteen stories the traditional winter wonderland of icicles and sleigh rides is missing, for Christmas in Louisiana can be subtropical. The grass may be green, the rose still in bloom, and the children in shorts. Featuring stories by both widely notable and by more recently applauded writers, this collection of fiction and memory pieces reveals the myriad faces of Christmastime in Louisiana. Each story in this fascinating holiday anthology is enhanced with an illustration by the acclaimed...