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Suzette Francis

Rules for a Pretty Woman

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ISBN: 0060535423
Издательство: Avon Trade
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 320
Book Description Rule #9: I will heed the warnings of my inner voice Dr. Lenita Mae Faulkner has come a long way from her dirt-poor beginnings in Madoosa County. All she's missing is a family. And with her nine-year live-in lover Ralph seemingly about to pop the question, it looks like she's about to get her wish -- a good thing, too, since Lenny's biological clock is ticking rapidly toward thirty-five. Rule #7: I will never again go fetch thebeer But instead of proposing, Ralph skips out, empties their joint bank account, and runs off with another woman. And on top of that, a true family catastrophe is calling her back to tiny Madoosa -- the last place Lenny wants to be. Home again at the lowest point of her once-charmed life, Lenny is blasted by a forgotten piece of her past: a diary she kept in the fifth grade containing a list of rules she had created to live by. And in their simple, fervent...
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