Обложка книги Labor Days : An Anthology of Fiction About Work

Labor Days : An Anthology of Fiction About Work

ISBN: 0812971612;
Издательство: Random House Trade Paperbacks
Страниц: 240

Book DescriptionIn this superb and subversive collection, the finest fiction writers capture the full experience of showing up, clocking in, and working it. Denis Johnson’s “Emergency” is set in a Vietnam-era emergency room, where stoned orderlies deal matter-of-factly with a guy who has a knife stuck in his head. In Raymond Carver’s “Fat,” a waitress recounts how attending to an overweight customer inspired her life-altering speculations on consumption, deprivation, pleasure, and neglect. Excerpts from longer works–Richard Ford’s Independence Day, whose hero, real estate agent Frank Bascombe, is a case study in suburban angst; Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man and its earnest considerations of race and unionism–and short stories such as “Pastoralia,” George Saunders’s manic tale of a prehistoric theme park in which actors don pelts and grunt for disaffected spectators, all express what can...

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