Обложка книги The More I See You

The More I See You

ISBN: 0425171078;
Издательство: Berkley
Страниц: 400

In Kurland's latest delightful and humorous time travel romance, Jessica Blakely is looking for love with all the wrong blind dates. One lands her in England at a retreat with an obnoxious professor and his colleagues. While at a medieval-dress tea, she escapes outside to the garden, wishing for a man who wasn't just dressed like a knight, but who is truly chivalrous. A little while later her wish comes true as a snarling pack of dogs appears and a knight of old comes to her rescue. Her savior, Richard De Galtres, is the lord of the castle in every sense of the word. Not only is he moody and fierce, but Jessica discovers that living in his world is very difficult for a modern woman. They do eventually learn to appreciate each other, but the king has other marriage plans in mind for Richard, and Jessica has inadvertently aroused suspicions of an occult kind. Patty Engelmann

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