Обложка книги My Heart Stood Still

My Heart Stood Still

ISBN: 0425181979;
Издательство: Berkley
Страниц: 448

Betrayed by her new husband, lovely Scottish bride Iolanthe MacLeod dies by the sword in the fall of 1382 in a landlocked keep on the English moors, far from the sea she loves. Doomed to haunt the castle, little does she know that it will be nearly seven hundred years before the man of her dreams will come to rescue her. When Thomas MacLeod MacKinnon appears in 2001, Iolanthe isn't quite prepared to deal with her feelings for this modern man. And Thomas, although he grows accustomed to seeing and talking to ghosts in the castle, is stunned to realize that he's fallen in love with one of them. Beautiful and desirable though Iolanthe is, he can't hold a spirit in his arms. Thomas has to find a way to go back in time and prevent her death--and he knows just how to accomplish the feat. Now if only saving the young Scotswoman's life proves to be as easy--and if he can rescue her, he'll be faced with having to convince Iolanthe that she loves him in another time and place. No...