Обложка книги The Blackest Death Volume II

The Blackest Death Volume II

ISBN: 0976791404;
Издательство: KHP Publisher
Страниц: 288

Book DescriptionWe bid you welcome... The Blackest Death Volume II is a horror house of twisting corridors and encroaching shadows, and our family is full of soul-eating succubi, demonic executioners, earthbound angels, hellish cowboys, and private demons. Take a walk down our halls and peek into vast rooms full of walking nightmares and ghoulish delights. In this place your darkest dreams and desires come true--but be careful what you wish for! In our house you are never quite alone. Feel the cobwebs brush your face and listen to the floor creaking in the dark as something fast approaches. The door is open and we are waiting for you. In The Blackest Death Volume II you will encounter: "Keeper of the Streets" by Mike Adamson "The Little Plastic Devil in a Bottle" by Douglas T. Araujo "The Debt" by Diana Bennett "Jesse Wept" by Eric S. Brown and D. Richard Pearce "The Little Boy Who Came Back From the Grave" by Tim Curran "Seance.net" by Peter Ebsworth "A Twist of...

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