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Kevin Sampsell

The Insomniac Reader : Stories of the Night

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ISBN: 0916397947
Издательство: Manic D Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 240
Book DescriptionPeople behave differently at night: feelings of desperation, violence, melancholy surface; nocturnal hunts for adventure, sex, drugs transpire; prowling through shadows, throwing corporeal flesh recklessly at . . . anything. The InsomniacReader examines the dark side (literally and figuratively) of evening, from prostitution and adultery to emergency rooms and suicide. "So I was thrust into that twilight realm, that modern undeath," writes Jonathan Lethem about being put on hold in "CallWaiting," a deceptively simple story about two guys whose late night phone calls are interrupted by a mysterious young woman. In "Everybody Dies in Memphis," critically acclaimed author Jonathan Ames experiences the twisted underbelly of both the city and professional boxing as he covers the media-hyped Tyson-Lewis heavyweight bout for New York Press. This entertaining anthology features some of the best-known contemporary American authors shining their literary flashlights into a...
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