Обложка книги North of Nowhere, South of Loss: Stories

North of Nowhere, South of Loss: Stories

ISBN: 039305991X; 9780393059915;
Издательство: W. W. Norton & Company
Страниц: 286

Book Description These internationally-acclaimed stories chart the author's nomadic trajectory from Deep North Australia to America's Deep South. In these prize-winning stories, Janette Turner Hospital explores the infinite incarnations of loss?lovers meeting again in midlife re-experience, through the memory of photographs both real and imagined, the passion that both frightened and thrilled them; a young dental hygienist adrift, living in a hostel in northern Australia, receives a heart-wrenching visit from her drug-dependent brother; a mother and adolescent daughter move into a new house, and their sense of safety is shaken when the previous owner reappears, desperate to reclaim what he has lost. Hospital's characters oscillate between estrangement and intense connectedness, between a permanent sense of dislocation and a yearning to belong.

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