Обложка книги Return of the Warrior (Avon Historical Romance)

Return of the Warrior (Avon Historical Romance)

ISBN: 0060565438;
Издательство: Avon
Страниц: 384

This is the eagerly awaited second installment from New York Times Extended and USA Today bestselling author Kinley MacGregor's new high concept medieval series about the Brotherhood of the Sword, combining sensual romance, fast-paced adventure, and a band of unforgettable heroes. Queen Adara of Taagaria is a woman with a mission. She has to find her wayward husband and either return home with him or return home pregnant. If she fails, her beloved country will be overrun by her husband's uncle who seeks to murder them and steal both their thrones. Christian of Acre has no desire to be king of anyone except himself. Nor is he aware that the paper he signed as a boy was a marriage contract and not a betrothal. He spent his childhood first imprisoned in a monastery by his uncle, then later in a Saracen prison. Now that he is free, he wants only to help those in need. The last thing he wants is to be tied to a wife. His allegiance is to the Brotherhood of the Sword, not to...