Обложка книги Bad News of the Heart (Canadian Literature Series)

Bad News of the Heart (Canadian Literature Series)

ISBN: 1564782867; 9781564782861;
Издательство: Dalkey Archive Press
Страниц: 212

Book DescriptionIn BAD NEWS OF THE HEART, a seeing-eye dog leads a blind man into a frozen river, a southern Baptist loses his memory and finds true love in Bel Air, an obese dot.com executive has "anorgasmic" latex sex with her CEO, and a homeless man in New York creates an intellectual universe based on Stick ?em notes stuck to the inside of his cardboard box shelter. Douglas Glover?s stories are wildly inventive, deadpan comedies of our universal human catastrophe. They are sly, demanding and wise?stories about language, desire and love (in a very dark place). The humor veers from the wry and sardonic to salacious, mordant and playful. And always there are moments of such stark emotional intimacy that the reader slides, almost without noticing, from laughter to lament.

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