Обложка книги Beulah Land

Beulah Land

ISBN: 1592640273;
Издательство: Toby Press

Book DescriptionAn undertaker lobbies to bury a convicted murderer in a Kansas public cemetery. In the Black Hills, a lawyer prods her Native American grandmother for clues about a family death. An injured dancer waits to hear whether her cousin has survived a dangerous trip out on the lake. Trusting in his estranged daughter, an Oklahoma father attempts to save his farm. A cancer patient revisits her grandfather?s struggle to preserve Ozark wildlife. In Beulah Land?s thirteen stories, lush country settings are juxtaposed against taut urban landscapes. Every character speaks out with their own unique, inimitable and intimate voice. Between New York City and Key West, between the Dakotas and Oklahoma, Krista McGruder?s prose creates a literate, disparate landscape of people both wandering and entrenched. In Beulah Land, geographic and emotional desolation are always present and surmountable.