Обложка книги I Am Not Jackson Pollock: Stories

I Am Not Jackson Pollock: Stories

ISBN: 0374173990;
Издательство: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Страниц: 192

Book Description A bewitching collection of short fiction—haunting and hypnotic meditations on art, movies, literature, and life A circus elephant named Topsy was executed at Coney Island in the year 1900 for killing a man. That’s true. So is the life of Saartjie (Sar-key) Baartman, the Hottentot Venus, who was herself a circus act in the first half of the nineteenth century. What is myth is the Indian god Ganesha, whose head was lopped off by his father, Shiva, and replaced—with an elephant’s head—by his disconsolate mother, Parvati. In John Haskell’s expert hands, these three curious strands are ingeniously woven together in one story called “Elephant Feelings.” And so it goes with the rest of these dreamy meditations on the lives of artists, actors, writers, and musicians who are at once painfully human and larger than life. In “Dream of a Clean Slate,” Jackson Pollock the man struggles with the...

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