Обложка книги I Can See You Being Invisible (New Writers Series)

I Can See You Being Invisible (New Writers Series)

ISBN: 0919688837;
Издательство: DC Books
Страниц: 188

Book DescriptionThis diverse book of linked stories is filled with off-centre characters and their flaws and burdens. Read about a one-armed baseball player, anosmiatics, a colour blind photographer, a time pusher and his best customer, intruders, the grape-picking diaspora, the whippet police, treeplanters lost in the slash, a one-handed mechanic with a reputation to uphold, and many more. Also contained in this collection are the definitive ?How-To? guide to building a wall and tales of writers getting real jobs (William Faulkner drives a cab, Mikhail Bakhtin becomes a clown). With a craftsman?s skill, Brown moves from hilarity to foreboding, often within a single page.