Обложка книги Philosophie Thinly Clothed: And Other Stories

Philosophie Thinly Clothed: And Other Stories

ISBN: 0932274609;
Издательство: Cadmus Editions
Страниц: 264

Book DescriptionThe title of the book refers to its content and thrust: relevant moral dilemmas presented as fictional tales. In the title story, the character Philosophie comes down from her mountain retreat to help a city which has gone morally astray.She finds that her innocent nudity is not welcome, and discovers a way to utilize clothing in order to further her task. With a beautifully minimalist prose style, Folsom's writing conveys similarities to Kafka's short stories or Aesop's fables, yet updated for the 21st century. Her engrossing allegories explore contemporary themes such as freedom, privacy, and violence, as well as the enduring problems of obsession, guilt, mortality, and pride. The book contains forty-two utterly original stories, ranging in length from five paragraphs to twenty-three pages.