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Lidia Yuknavitch

Real to Reel

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· OZON.ru 1660р. [Проверить наличие]
ISBN: 1573661074
Издательство: FC2
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 175
Book DescriptionWith an intelligence that scalds every pretense and surface, Lidia Yuknavitch's camera pans across subjects as varied as Keanu Reeves and Siberian prison laborers. She zooms in on drug addiction, crime, sex of all flavors, trauma, torture, rock and roll, and art, all the while revealing untried angles and alien shapes. She traces the inner lives of characters teetering on edges-death, birth, love, understanding-but never flinching at the spectacle of their violent descent. This collectionrepresents a verbal cinematographer at her best as she captivates the reader with a prose style that is mesmerizing and fluid, deep and dangerous.
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