Обложка книги Shaman Pass

Shaman Pass

ISBN: 1569473323;
Издательство: Soho Crime
Страниц: 288

Book Description A Murder With A Motive Steeped In Inupiat Tradition Nathan Active is regarded as “half white” by Alaskans. He is a state trooper, adopted and raised in Anchorage, but now serving a tour of duty in Chukchi, the village of his birth, where he is called upon to investigate the murder of an Inupiat tribal leader. The victim was killed with an antique ivory and wood harpoon returned to the community by the Smithsonian, in accordance with the terms of the Indian Graves Act, just a few days earlier together with an unidentified Inupiat mummy nicknamed “Uncle Frosty.” With the help of his girlfriend, birth mother, aged grandfather, and other old-timers, Nathan must grapple with the identity of the murderer and the elusive motive.