Обложка книги The First Thing Smoking

The First Thing Smoking

ISBN: 0345451783;
Издательство: One World/Ballantine
Страниц: 224

Book DescriptionHere is a provocative and fresh new voice in fiction, and a stunning collection of seventeen interconnected short stories set in the urban and exotic locales of New York City and Brazil. In dazzling, jazz-like prose that pulses with the rhythm of the street, Nelson Eubanks traces the influences on and evolution of Maceo, from impressionable adolescent to twentysomething man–each snapshot of memory bursting with event and emotion. In “Malta Scheffer,” nine-year-oldMaceo slips out of a white world of private schools to fade back into his brown world where stickball and dreams of glory just may provide the ticket out of poverty. “The First Thing Smoking” explores the prejudice and hatred that exist within a family, when skin color varies between darker and lighter shades of black. In “Uncle Raymond” eighteen-year-old Maceo learns about his uncle who once showed such musical promise, but later, inexplicably, descended into...

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