Обложка книги The Oil Prince

The Oil Prince

ISBN: 0874222621;
Издательство: Washington State University
Страниц: 357

Book DescriptionThis lively translation of the daring escapades of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand is suitable reading for young teenagers through adults, and introduces new enthusiasts to the heroism and adventure of Karl May's 1860s Arizona. The courageous blood brothers are joined by a wise but comical Yankee, Indian tribes on the warpath, ruthless outlaws, a naive band of German immigrants, a dangerous crook, and a gullible banker. In this unabridged, beautifully illustrated and engaging saga, a gang of bandits stalk a wagon train, and a treacherous con artist attempts to dupe a banker into purchasing a counterfeit oil reserve. Danger abounds and survival depends on having the fastest draw and the sharpest wits. Brawls, bravery, and bold rescues all figure into this captivating Teutonic tale.