Обложка книги The Virtual Kibbutz

The Virtual Kibbutz

ISBN: 0595273556;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 220

Book DescriptionFor over fifty years, the magnificent oak tree stood as a solitary landmark in the middle of the valley, witnessing the cool, wet winters and the hot, humid summers. Young pioneers established a new kibbutz nearby, celebrating their collective way of life in the shade of the tree. Decades later, the kibbutz is not the same. Its membersA? idealism has changed. Can the community still be considered a kibbutz? In this debut collection of stories, the author introduces youto kibbutz residents challenged with adapting to new realities. Along the way you'll see how kibbutzniks face up to the violence of the Intifada, cope with the Internet, and struggle to have more control over their lives. Meet a clown who uses magicto heal the wounds of terror victims, a veteran dairy worker who has difficulties bidding farewell to an albino cow, a farmer who must decide what to do with the prize money of a lottery, and a reporter who is researching comedian Jerry...