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David T. Lloyd

Boys: Stories and a Novella

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ISBN: 0815607970
Издательство: Syracuse University Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 178
Book DescriptionSet in 1966, these stories re-create the world of lower-middle-class adolescent boys coming of age in upstate New York. The narrator of the novella, Boys, is a thirteen-year-old Chris, a member of a small gang that includes his two friends, Frank and Joey. The novella poignantly charts Chris's involvement with a girl named Lisa, his fascination with a pornographic magazine, the building of a "boys only" tree house, his traumatized relationships with Frank and Joey, and the disappearance of his sister Jenny. The twelve stories in On Monday proceed chronologically from a Monday to a Tuesday morning. Each story highlights a different character's experiences with parents, friends, teachers, the expectations of others and the expectations of a culture and an era. Characters and settings present in one story reappear in other stories, building upon and heightening the experiences of all of them.
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