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S. W. Smith

Dawg Tales

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ISBN: 0971347220
Издательство: Solmar Publishing Co. L.L.C.
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 200
Book DescriptionSheena was a "Hit Woman" for the local gang Cash Dawgs who were based in the Magnolia Housing Project in New Orleans. She had already carried out fifteen hits and counting. Love was the last thing on her mind, until it found her. Kelli was the lawyer of choice for the hustlers and played the game just as hard as her clients. She considered herself a lover who used up men and women, her "bitches" as she called them, to get all the finer things in life. Coal was an up and coming baller who had just inherited the throne from his brother who received a fifteen-year stint at Angola State Penitentiary. Rodney was the straight edge International Postal Service Delivery man who was continously tempted by the lure of the streets and all the possessions his friends had that he could never afford on his salary. The only things these four had in common were their Catholic school elementary education, a twenty-year friendship, and the love of money. When the...
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