Обложка книги HA!: A Self-Murder Mystery

HA!: A Self-Murder Mystery

ISBN: 0773523456;
Издательство: McGill-Queen's University Press
Страниц: 869

Book DescriptionOn 15 March 1977, with his wife's consent, celebrated writer and former terrorist Hubert Aquin blew his brains out on the grounds of a Montreal convent school. Shocked by this self-murder, a filmmaker friend feels compelled to understand why Aquin killed himself - and discovers, at the heart of this tragedy, an unforgettable love story. Interweaving photographs, documents, and images with testimony from Aquin's friends and contemporaries, Aquin himself, and the writers and artists who influenced him, this intriguing novel takes the reader on a Joycean tour of a metropolis in the midst of political and cultural turmoil and a Dantesque journey into the underworld of creative genius.