Обложка книги Hardboiled Egg

Hardboiled Egg

ISBN: 0975338838;
Издательство: Fine Tooth Press L.L.C.
Страниц: 172

Book DescriptionTake a journey through landscapes where the strange and sinister collide with the poignant and tender ? countries of blinding lights and tarnished (k)nights. Here, magical realism shatters doors marked Ordinary. Hardboiled Egg will satisfy the lover of gritty mysteries, but these short stories also probe dark hidden niches of the human soul. Included in these travels are glimpses of love, sex, spirituality and the supernatural. Disc jockeys and nude bars, medieval werewolves and timetravelers, damsels in distress and distressful damsels, ghosts and midnight masses, stop-motion animation, Hollyweird actors, dead rats, lost fathers, and masked Mexican wrestlers: Do you dare bite into this hardboiled egg?