Обложка книги Let's Do (Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Short Fiction)

Let's Do (Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Short Fiction)

ISBN: 1574411853;
Издательство: University of North Texas Press
Страниц: 192

Book DescriptionIn the nine stories of Let's Do, various calamities strike ordinary Midwesterners, who cope with a mixture of good intentions and ineptitude. Balancing humor with painful clarity, author Rebecca Meacham pulls readers into the lives of characters who struggle with and more often against--change. "Rebecca Meacham has one of the freshest voices I've encountered in a long time. Blatantly wise, she creates stories that are deliciously subversive, brave and outrageous, reminiscentof a young Alice Hoffman. As the lives of her characters get derailed, they move with the damaged grace of walking through broken glass on tiptoe. This is a writer whose words speak with emotional resonance about the resilience of the human heart--a beautiful, authentic talent who knows that when you turn life upside down, you get good measures of both trouble and laughter, a lesson the very best writers recognize early."--Jonis Agee, Judge "The characters in Let's Do ...